That beautiful calm.

I was driving to Fargo from my weekend spent doing little in Gackle this morning. At about 6:30 a.m. it was really cold and windy, the snow was drifting across the road in that eerie way that snow does, giving the illusion of a moving interstate.

Driving along, there were patches where the snow just didn’t drift. After noticing these spots, I thought that there must be some hills or snow banks that hindered the snow from swoooooshing vertically into the vehicles. But looking I found nothing of the sort. It seemed that these spots of calm just happened.

Days go by in a whirlwind. We are running along through sometimes hard, iced over drifts and other times sweet little pillow drifts that “ploof” when you hit them.

But along way, when we are oh-so-tired, there comes these periods of calm. These periods that we learn to take in and just bask in their peacefulness.

On days when we feel that we are headed north along an ever-shifting east-bound lane, God presents us with this spot of calm. Calm where we aren’t expected to move or walk or even look around. We can just sit or lay or curl up in a ball and stare straight forward or close our eyes.

In the midst of a snowy, drifting storm, the brief clear spots quietly pull you into stillness. For that short time, we are nourished and replenished and ready for days or months to come because we have seen this snipit of the larger picture.

We have foreseen that even though the right now is a blurry, grey haze the immense result of everything is that it will be ok. And it will be. It will be ok.

"There is no fear in love." 1 John 4:18

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