Lunch with Grandpa.

This afternoon grandpa was in town. We went out to eat at the Village Inn, our usual spot to catch lunch because its simple and familiar. Lunch went as usual - how was your day? how is school? what are you doing this weekend? We talked about my and Lisa's soon spring break trip to stay with them in Arizona and about the details that go along with such a trip.

What I love most, and what always seems to happen is this: Grandpa will tell me this long, elaborate joke with all the fine-tunings and every word put in, as to not leave out a single thing. At the end, he will laugh and laugh and laugh at his own joke, as if it was the funniest thing any person had ever uttered! As I sat and listened to him, I kept thinking, "This is what I'll always, always think about when I think of grandpa."

His own-joke-laughing spurts will be one of those things I tell my husband about him and my kids someday and my grandkids. Yeah, I've got a pretty awesome grandpa.

(The picture below is my grandpa during one of grandma's fashion shows that she usually has us put on. It captures the very essence of grandpa :)

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  1. This is so sweet--and such a keepsake...recording your thoughts of time with Grandpa~it's a journal I hope you can share with your kids someday!!
    :) Vickie