Welcome to it all.

I guess an introduction to this blog would be the propper way to start. To start, I can tell you that I won't post everyday, maybe weeks will go by with no word from me. I have learned that the will to write - to write beautiful, world-stopping words - comes in and out of my mind's soul in unknown patterns.

I have alot to say. And sometimes (all the time) words just don't come out of my mouth right.

So at a young age I found that paper and my always-faithful pen proved themselves useful in allowing myself to figure out just who I am/was/am going to be.

Somedays what I have to say will be meaningless to you. Somedays this blog will make you want to punch me in the face because of my apparent stupidity. But somedays - and this is my hope - that somedays my voice will ring so true to your life and what is happening in the little, quiet places that no one else sees. That somedays you will pull a word, a phrase, a whole paragraph from my writing and let it pass over you, if only for a moment, and touch you and hold you.

God bless you forever and a day.

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