Again, I drove back to Fargo, leaving at 6 a.m. Because of various events and conversations thatwill remain unwritten for the simple fact that I just can't bring myself to type it out, I got little sleep this weekend.

With a cloudy, thought-filled, aching head, I made it - slowly enough - to town with help from numerous cups of coffee, Augustana and an ever-moving train of thought and question.

In one weekend, so much was said and realized - things that remained silent because they were a little too scary to ever say aloud.

But now they are out there, forever in the universe. And they can't be taken back. Ever. The only hope of mercy is that lovely, beautiful forgetfullness thing we do so well.

I guess forgetting is necessary to go on, to continue on the same road you had been on. Forget what hurt you so you can remember all the things that make your heart so red-full of love.

I'll love you.

picture from PostSecret.com

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