Month 3.

Yet again, I am amazed by the way things change.

Just how quickly we can believe and un-believe and let our minds run away and come back.

I guess I am thankful for it all. I'm not guessing; I am thankful.

I'm thankful for the way we can can forgive. The way we can understand things that should probably never be understood. That we can fathom the unfathomable.

I mean just look at that picture. Really look at it.

Dad has been gone for 3 months. Today I was talking to my mom and we both agree - time seems to both have absolutely flown by and stood still.

It seems like my whole life has been lived without my dad and that I talked to him yesterday.

It's the contradiction that I love so much. We neither need to choose nor live in apathy.

Dad, I love you so much. And I wish you could see my new nose ring and how burnt I got tanning the other day. You would think it ridiculous, but never say it out loud. I wish you could wake Lindsay up tomorrow morning and kiss her.

God spoke and this is my life now. And it's a beautiful, scary thing.

I have been so blessed.


  1. That was beautiful Erica.
    I love how you can express yourself thru words, I wish somedays I was able to do that.
    Thinking alot about Sparky since Mabelyn was born. I get to see her tomrorow and I'm so excited, and sad at the same time cuz she will never hear the gopher guts song, an uncle Sparky original.
    Guess it is up to you and Lindz to make sure she learns all the "disturbing" things we all grew up with.
    Love you. Hope to talk/see you soon.

  2. Your strength and love for Christ is so inspiring, Erica!